Sending a Test Message
When Sending a test message you will need to follow the steps of sending a blast.  The send a test option is on the final page of scheduling a message.
Step One: Enter your From Email Address and Postal Address
Step Two: Select who to send the message to. (When sending a test it will not send an actual blast to this group)
Step Three: Enter the Subject 
Step Four: Select Delivery Options (Links are inactive and not trackable when sending a test)
Step Five: On the last page of sending directly above the option to Send Now or Schedule for later is an option to Send a Test.  You can send a test to anyone who is a user of the account or add any 5 additional email addresses.  After you have selected your test group click Send Test button.

When sending a test message it will not count against your quota and will not show up within the reports page.